From Our President

izumi-suzuki2 Established in 1984, Suzuki, Myers & Associates celebrated its 30th anniversary in suburban Detroit in 2014. Our firm was founded just as Japanese automotive companies began, one after the other, to make forays into the United States. As our firm assisted Japanese ex-patriates struggling with language and cultural differences while posted overseas, we saw a rapid increase in our work, including translation, interpreting, cross-cultural seminars, business consulting, and so on.
In addition, with increased interest in Japan among Americans, we also did quite a bit of consulting and seminars about doing business with Japan.

Our proximity to Detroit, the Motor City, has naturally led us to develop strengths in the automotive, manufacturing, quality-control, and production-control fields, and the like, but we also have extensive experience in other fields as well. In order to devote ourselves to high-quality interpreting and translation, we have foregone expansion into other language pairs, and are specialized exclusively in Japanese and English.

Now, more than 30 years after our company was founded, as we move into the 21st century, many things have changed, but the role of Suzuki, Myers & Associates as a “bridge between languages and cultures” remains the same. We will continue to strive to accurately convey, not just the superficial meaning of words, but what is in the “hearts and minds of our customers.” Thank you! 

Izumi Suzuki, President and CEO