Our Strengths

High-Quality Services from our Specialized Interpreters

  • Interpreters with formal training and years of experience

    • Satisfied clients keep coming back to request the services of our company’s interpreters, who have deep, specialized knowledge.  We are especially well-known for our expertise in the automotive industry.
    • Interpreting related to legal matters is another one of our key strengths. Izumi Suzuki is a certified court interpreter, and as of 2016, was the only such certified interpreter outside California.
    • There are very few interpreters who are capable of doing simultaneous or whispering interpreting; Suzuki Myers has the capacity to provide such interpreters.
    • Click here for information about our interpreters’ qualifications and tips on how to use interpreters effectively.

Comprehensive Interpreting Support

  • A Variety of Interpreting Options

    • Clients need interpreters in a wide variety of circumstances. In order to maximize the effectiveness of our interpreting services, we provide support for our clients that matches their specific circumstances. Our firm offers various options to satisfy our clients’ cost and efficiency needs.
    • Modes of Interpreting
      • Consecutive interpreting
        • In the consecutive interpreting mode, the interpreter listens to what the presenter says, and when the presenter pauses, restates what was said, but in the other language.
        • This mode is appropriate for smaller meetings and discussions requiring precision.
      • Simultaneous interpreting
        • In simultaneous interpreting mode, the interpreter interprets into the other language as the presenter speaks.
        • This is the most appropriate mode for large meetings and executive meetings, and cases in which time is limited.
        • Use of simultaneous interpreting booth, and at least two interpreters per assignment, are necessary.
      • Whispering interpreting
        • Whispering interpreting is a particular kind of simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter sits next to the person needing interpreting and interprets in a whisper that only the listener can hear.
        • This mode is appropriate for meetings in which an interpreter is needed by one party or for small meetings.
        • Use of special portable equipment, and/or more than one interpreter, may be necessary.
    • Interpreter grades
      • AA Grade
        Comprehensive experience in interpreting of business, technical, and other formal content.
        Simultaneous interpreting capability.
      • A Grade
        Experience in interpreting of business, technical, and other formal content.
      • B Grade
        Experience in interpreting general content in ordinary situations, including non-technical and non-formal situations (such as parent-teacher conferences, production line, etc.).
      • C Grade
        Experience interpreting brief casual conversation in social settings (such as receptions, etc.).
  • We recommend the most appropriate services for client’s situation and goals

    • Content:
      Our interpreters can handle everything from highly specialized content to everyday conversation.
    • Scope:
      We can support everything from large scale conferences to meetings involving only a few people.
    • Configuration:
      Interpreting via teleconference, video conference, etc. is also available.
    • Scheduling:
      We have flexibility regarding work outside regular M-F 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. business hours.
    • Location:
      We can provide service both domestically or overseas, and do our best to supply interpreters from the client’s local area.
    • Click here for information about our interpreters’ qualifications and tips on how to use interpreters effectively.

Support for Rental and Set-up of Special Equipment


  • Suzuki Myers handles all the information it receives from clients with the utmost care.
  • In addition to the standard confidentiality agreement offered by Suzuki Myers, we can also sign confidentiality agreements provided by the client. Please let us know when this is required.