Order Process

How to Secure our Interpreting Services

interpreting flowchart

Flowchart for interpreting services

  1. Inquiry from Client
    Please let us know the purpose, content, number of participants, date/time, location, etc. of the meeting or conference, etc. for which you require an interpreter. If details have yet to be finalized, please outline what you know at this point.
    You may find it convenient to use this online form to make your inquiry. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.
  2. Proposal/Quotation
    Based on the client’s needs, we will recommend the appropriate interpreting mode, equipment, and the number and grade of interpreters, for the assignment.
    We will make an estimate and provide the client with a confirmation sheet (contract).
  3. Agreement
    Once the approved, signed confirmation sheet has been returned to us, the agreed-upon work has been officially contracted.
  4. Confirmation of Details
    Please confirm the schedule, location, lodging arrangements, contact information, and so on, for the meeting.
  5. Preparation for Assignment
    Please send us, as far in advance as possible, all relevant materials for the meeting in question (agendas, presentation materials, etc.), as well as relevant reference materials (glossary of company-specific terms, etc.).
    ※ Even though our interpreters are highly skilled and have extensive experience, it is very important that they are able to study materials/speeches/etc. before the assignment takes place. This allows the interpreter(s) to be familiar with relevant vocabulary (company-, industry-specific acronyms/terms, jargon), to understand relevant concepts, etc. This also makes it possible for interpreters to ask for further clarification, and pose questions about materials as needed. Please be patient with the interpreter if you receive such a request; we appreciate your cooperation providing our interpreters with the information they need. (The interpreter armed with such information is your best ally!)
  6. Interpreting Assignment
    We will provide interpreting services at the specified time and place as described in the confirmation sheet (contract).
  7. Follow-Up
    Please give us feedback on the effectiveness of our interpreting services. Were you satisfied? Do you have any questions or suggestions? We strive to use feedback from our clients to continuously improve the services we provide.
    After the assignment is completed, we will send an invoice listing the actual time spent interpreting and other expenses incurred, and a receipt once payment is made.