Our Services

Suzuki, Myers & Associates is pleased to provide the services described below.  Initial consultations and estimates are provided free of charge.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Suzuki, Myers & Associates can support all of your bilingual communication needs, whether at small in-house meetings or large conferences, seminars, negotiations, depositions, or courtroom proceedings. We are able to provide all three methods of interpreting: simultaneous, whispering, and consecutive interpreting. During our initial, no-charge consultation, we would be happy to explain each method and work with you to determine which method is most appropriate for your goals and situation. We can also provide the special equipment that is typically required for simultaneous or whispering interpreting.


Suzuki, Myers & Associates provides high-quality translation for a wide variety of documents, including technical documents, accounting reports, contracts, manuals, business cards, driver’s licenses, family registers (birth, marriage, death certificates, etc.), transcripts, and promotional materials, from Japanese into English or from English into Japanese.

Language Classes

Suzuki, Myers & Associates offers courses in English as a Second Language, Japanese language, and interpreting.

Other Services

With over 30 years’ experience in facilitating cross-cultural communication in the Japan/North America interface, Suzuki, Myers & Associates also provides various additional services to meet our clients’ needs.