Our Strengths

High-quality Services Offered by Our Skilled Translators

  • Translators with specialized knowledge and years of experience
    • Our translators are professionals who have gained ATA (American Translator’s Association) certification or are of that caliber.
    • Among our team, Izumi Suzuki has received ATA certification in both English-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-English translation, and currently serves on the ATA Certification Committee, and Hiromi Fujii has received ATA certification in English-to-Japanese translation.
    • As a rule, translators whose native language is English are responsible for translattions from Japanese into English, and native speakers of Japanese are responsible for translations from English into Japanese.
  • Proofreading for quality assurance
    • To ensure quality, all completed translations are proofread by another qualified translator.

Comprehensive Translation Support

  • Variety of translation services offered
    • Clients need materials translated in a wide variety of circumstances. For our translation services to be most effective, we provide our clients with support that matches their specific circumstances. Our firm offers various options to satisfy our clients’ cost and efficiency needs.
      • Proofreading and formatting
        Our detail-oriented team can improve accuracy and consistency, and put documents–even those containing charts, graphs, etc.–into a form our clients can use with ease.
      • Documents with complex formatting
        We can handle formatting for a wide variety of document types, including cases in which the formatting is particularly complicated.
      • Translation of documents for use in court proceedings
        We are able to translate summonses and lawsuits, etc., prepared for depositions.
      • Cultural evaluation and localization
        Since there are are cultural differences between the English-speaking and Japanese-speaking worlds, there are many cases in which direct translation will not convey the correct meaning. When translating documents of this type, we consult with experts on the relevant culture and use their input to create an effective translation.
      • Proofreading only
        We provide proofreading services for documents that have already been translated in order to ensure their quality.
      • Certified translations
        Whenever necessary, we can provide translator’s certification by an ATA-certified translator and/or court certified interpreter for documents we translate or proofread.
  • Expert guidance available to our clients

    Types of Documents
    We offer assistance with many different kinds of documents, including licensing documents, legal documents, contracts, technical documents, accounting reports, business cards, family registers, driver’s licenses, business correspondence, etc.

    Size and Scope
    We can assist with both short and long documents. We are able to translate lengthy summonses and lawsuits, etc., prepared for depositions as well.

    Organization and Presentation
    We make a comprehensive evaluation of such factors as the client’s budgetary needs and how quickly the translation is needed, and if necessary offer guidance on the most appropriate translation method for that project. We can also properly format the document as needed.

    Click here for examples of our translation work and how it has been used.

Ability to Translate Public Documents

Some states require that translated documents submitted in court be certified by a certified court interpreter. Izumi Suzuki of Suzuki Myers is a certified court interpreter and can provide formal certification for translated legal documents.

We can also provide certification for translations needing certification by an ATA certified translator.
Some certified translations require notarization of the translator’s certification that the contents of the translation is correct. Suzuki Myers provides notarization services in these cases.

Suzuki Myers is included on a list of translators of Japanese driver’s licenses in Michigan, and we have extensive experience in translating Japanese driver’s licenses.


Suzuki Myers handles all the information it receives from clients with the utmost care.
In addition to the standard confidentiality agreement offered by Suzuki Myers, we can also sign confidentiality agreements provided by the client. Please let us know when this is required.