Privacy Policy

Suzuki Myers & Associates, Ltd. (“SMA”) is aware of the importance of protecting personal information as it carries out its business of providing translation-related services. SMA has implemented a Compliance Program Regarding Personal Information and works to ensure that everyone working for it strictly follows the Program in order to appropriately protect personal information.

  1. SMA will clearly indicate the purposes for which it collects any personal information and will restrict its use of such information to what is necessary to accomplish the declared purposes. It will not use the information for any other purposes.
  2. SMA will implement security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, or loss, destruction, falsification, or leaking of, the personal information it collects. These measures shall be revised as necessary.
  3. SMA will strictly follow laws and generally-accepted practices regarding the handling of personal information.
  4. SMA will periodically audit its Compliance Program Regarding Personal Information and improve it when necessary.
  5. SMA will attempt to respond within a reasonable amount of time when an individual requests that personal information obtained regarding that person be disclosed, corrected, or deleted.


When Requests for Personal Information May Occur

  • SMA may request personal information when someone places an order, requests an estimate, makes an inquiry, asks a question, and/or requests documents.


Types of Personal Information and Purposes of Collection

  1. Personal information refers to any information that identifies an individual, such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, or e-mail address, and that is provided voluntarily by that individual.
  2. The personal information collected from clients and registered staff members is necessary in order to smoothly provide and appropriately operate SMA’s services. It is used only within the bounds of work that SMA performs. It will not be used for any other purpose without the permission of the individual concerned.


Handling of Personal Information

  1. SMA will not disclose collected personal information to other companies or third parties without the permission of the individual concerned. However, this does not apply in the event that SMA receives a lawful request for disclosure from a court, government agency, or similar entity.
  2. Collected personal information is stored in a secure environment in which it is carefully and strictly handled so that no one except authorized SMA employees may access it.


Revision of this Privacy Policy

SMA may revise all or part of this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes will be published on this website.


Policy established June 1, 2016
Izumi Suzuki
President and CEO
Suzuki Myers & Associates, Ltd.