What Our Clients Say

Examples of the feedback that Suzuki Myers & Associates receives from our clients appears below.


We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the three days of interpreting service that Izumi Suzuki recently provided us.
Thanks to her outstanding interpreting, this meeting proceeded much more smoothly than previous ones, and we were able to meet our customer’s very stringent demands, from production to delivery, with no problem.
We very much hope that you will be able to help us again at future meetings.

-自動車業界の逐次通訳より (Re: Consecutive Interpreting In Automotive Industry)

Thank you for your outstanding contribution to our effort.


law firm representative (法律事務所の代表者)

Hiromi was a pleasure, very professional with excellent attention to details.
We would be happy to use her services again in the future.


Re: Japanese-English Interpreting For Michigan Automotive Supplier (ミシガン州にある自動車部品サプライヤー 日英逐次通訳より)


Thank you for the interpreting support you provided. Our representative reported that the meeting went smoothly, and having the interpreter was extremely helpful.
We look forward to working with you again. Thank you very much.

Interpreting on site at high-tech imaging firm in Ann Arbor (アナーバー市ハイテク画像技術企業にて通訳)

Thank you very much!
Despite the short period of time, this translation was impressively done, well enough to present as is.
Thank you again for your excellent work!


Re: Japanese-English translation for Michigan automotive supplier (ミシガン州にある自動車部品サプライヤー 日>英資料翻訳より)

Thank you so much for your help throughout these depositions! You’re amazing!! Your professionalism and disposition made the day so much more pleasant. Thank you!


Re: Legal deposition interpreting (証言録取の通訳より)


Thank you for sending us Mr. G; his interpretation exceeded our expectations.  We hope to use your services again in the future.

自動車業界の人事研修の逐次通訳より (Re: consecutive interpretation of personnel training in automotive industry)

Thanks to Anne and Ms. Suzuki for prompt service. Your excellent services should be made known to [other] Japanese Americans who live in Southern California. Many of them have relatives in Japan and need similar services. Prior to contacting you, I tried several local translators and they were rude and expensive. I will surely let my clients and friends know about your great services.


Re: Translation of Japanese Family Register Documents into English (戸籍の日>英翻訳より)

The translation overall is beautiful. Thanks again for all your support.


Re: Translation of Japanese PowerPoint Presentations into English for Manager Training (工場長研修のためのPowerPointプレゼンテーション資料の日>英翻訳より)


We were extremely pleased with the work of your interpreter.

Visa申請関係の逐次通訳より (Re: consecutive interpretation to support visa application process)