Other Services

With over 30 years’ experience facilitating cross-cultural communication in the Japan/North American interface, Suzuki Myers & Associates also provides the following services to meet our clients’ needs.

Cross-cultural Consulting

Cross-cultural interaction is a delicate balance between recognizing the cultural differences of your counterparts and maintaining your own cultural integrity. Our instructors are well equipped to provide training from both American and Japanese perspectives.
Instructors at Suzuki Myers offer training on the cultural differences between the U.S. and Japan. We work closely with our clients to develop training programs that meet their specific needs.

We have provided cross-cultural consultation services to clients including trade missions, various automotive manufacturers, local government officials, and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, among others.

Assistance with Rental and Setup of Specialized Interpreting Equipment

Purchase of the specialized equipment required for whispering interpreting can be quite expensive. For clients who have this need, Suzuki Myers offers rental of the temporary booths and other equipment used in simultaneous interpreting.

Depending on the type of simultaneous translation, the equipment needed may vary.  Suzuki Myers has relationships with companies that can provide the particular equipment needed.

Voiceover Services

Suzuki Myers has experience providing voiceover services for media dubbing in southeast Michigan and has expert staff who can provide this service.

Translation and Interpreting in Other Languages

For customers needing translation or interpreting between languages other than English and Japanese, Suzuki Myers can offer referrals to translators and interpreters listed in the directories of MiTiN (Michigan Translators/Interpreters Network) and the ATA (American Translators Association).