Language Courses

Suzuki Myers offers language and interpreting courses. If you are not sure which course is best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Language Courses

Our standard courses for English and Japanese learners are taught by instructors who have ESL certification (in the case of English language instructors) or who are certified to teach Japanese. We offer a variety of courses including in-home instruction for children and those looking to build language skills necessary for business, and we can create customized courses in both individual and group settings that are appropriate for the needs and skill levels of each learner.

Interpreting Courses

Our interpreting courses are for those learners who have moved beyond basic language instruction methods and want to build their language skills in different ways, and for those who are asked to interpret in corporate settings and would like to improve their effectiveness. These courses are taught by Izumi Suzuki, a conference and court interpreter. The interpreting preparation course is offered on a weekday evening and the interpreter training course is offered Saturday mornings.