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How to Secure our Translation Services

translation flowchart

Flowchart for Translation Services

Note: The driver’s license translation service process differs from other types of translation services.

How to Request Standard Translation Services (other than driver’s license services)

  1. Inquiry
    Please provide us with as much detail as possible about the document(s) you need to have translated when you submit them to us. We particularly need to know the following: 1) Japanese into English or English into Japanese 2) Intended purpose/use 3) Deadline 4) Preferred delivery method for completed translation.To request our services, you may click here for our Inquiry Form, or contact us by telephone or email.We need to review the source document before we can give a precise estimate. Please submit a data file of the document(s) to be translated (preferably via email attachment, to office@suzukimyers.com).※Please note:  To expedite your estimate, please send us files in an editable (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) format, rather than a non-editable format, such as PDF, whenever possible. This also helps facilitate translation speed, and allows our customers to avoid additional editing fees.
  2. Estimate / Quotation
    We tailor our translation services to the material to be translated and the customer’s needs.
    We will send the client a confirmation sheet listing the work to be done and our estimate of the cost.※Please note:  We base our estimates on English word count for either Japanese-to-English or English-to-Japanese translations. Quotes for documents to be translated from Japanese to English are calculated by using the number of Japanese characters in the document to estimate the number of English words in the resulting translation.
  3. Agreement
    Once the approved, signed confirmation sheet has been returned to us, the agreed-upon work has been officially contracted.
  4. Translation and Proofreading
    Typically, native speakers of Japanese translate materials from English to Japanese, and native speakers of English translate from Japanese to English.
    Once the translation is completed, a different expert translator proofreads it to ensure quality.
  5. Delivery of Translation
    We will deliver the completed translation by the agreed-upon date and time.
    Materials, such as legal documents that require a certified translation, can be sent by UPS or FedEx.
  6. Follow-Up
    Once the translation is completed, we will send an invoice indicating the final English word count and noting any other costs for formatting, etc.
    If there are any problems with the translation, please contact us as soon as possible.
    Please give us feedback on the effectiveness of our translation services. Were you satisfied? Do you have any questions or suggestions? We strive to use feedback from our clients to continuously improve the services we provide.

Click here for information about how to request our driver’s license translation services.